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Jeff Hines-Mohrman

Actor / Singer


Hey there!

My name is Jeff! I'm a senior acting major at Ithaca College, far from my home state of Washington. So far I've been lucky enough to work at theatres in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, and I'm looking forward to a career where I'll get to travel much more. I plan on starting out as an NYC based actor but at this phase of my life my main goal is to find fulfillment in my work, whatever city that may be in. Be it through plays, musicals, or film, I want to find a place where I can contribute thoughtful work to stories that are being told for the right reasons.

I'm an avid lover of cats, soccer, hiking, traveling, overanalyzing movies, and paying too much for clothes I don't need.

If you want to learn more about me, scroll down to watch my senior showcase, see my face more, or get in contact!

ithaca pic.jfif
Ithaca college senior showcase clips 
Ithaca Bannar.PNG

Ithaca College's showcase was online this year, which was a blessing because I got to see myself and my peers not just sing, but also work on camera!

Super proud of my peers for their great performances, and for braving a pandemic in undergrad. Through zoom school and everything we've worked really hard, and I'm  confident in what we have to contribute to the industry. I've only included my clips here, but if you want to watch the whole showcase click the link below!

Ithaca College BFA Showcase 2022 on Vimeo

my face!


lets talk!


If you'd rather contact me directly, feel free!

Text me at: 360-742-2038

 Email me at:

or click the icon below for my Instagram

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Talk to you soon (:

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